About Us

Our Journey commenced in 2014 when Punarjeevana was founded by Dr.Hemalatha Jain. It started with weaving of a revival story which further shaped into a noble cause of sustaining artisans and local crafts. We are predominately working with Karnataka weaves and artisans. We participate in craft bazars, crafts exhibitions, popups, gallery shows across India and a sizeable online presence. 


Revivals & Sustainability 



For nearly a decade, we've been striving to revive the languishing crafts. We create long-lasting, handcrafted art forms. For us, this means allowing hand spinners, hand weavers, natural dyers, embroiderers, hand painters, hand block printers, quilters, and all the other crafts and craftsmen who are left behind in the rush of mass-produced apparel to participate in the gradual process. Through our collection, we strive to improve the social and economic standing of craftspeople by injecting innovation and introducing new modalities of creativity. When you work slowly, you have more freedom for creativity, but you also have the potential to sustain a production ecosystem.





We are working with skilled master artisans in hand spinning, natural dyeing, weaving, embroiderers, quilters and etc. These skilled artisans are getting older, and there is a scarcity of trained artisans among North Karnataka's younger generations.  So we have collaborated with NABARD Skill Development Program and training younger generation. To sustain the art form and the artisans.