Hubli Saree

The weavers 85 year old father Hussain saab said this is Hubli Saree, which he used to see his father weave when he was 16 year old.  Those days this saree was extensively woven in Gajendragad, Bagalkot and Gadag. Scientific testing of the sample received during the investigation has revealed the age of the fabric to be around 103 years old. 

Hubli saree was worn mostly by married  countrywomen. The pattern of the border was called gadi dadi and the flowers in it symbolizes beauty and elegance. This pattern is used in Ilkal, Narayan peth and other south indian sarees these days. The warp is always in off white (kora) for body and contrast weft which gives a bright shoot of colours leading to dhoop chhaav effect. It always has bright borders. 

Traditional colours were purple red, maroon green, yellow-red. In earlier days weavers  used to travel to bigger markets to sell their products with most of them selling in hubli, the saree got named as Hubli saree